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For over a century, Crayola has sparked imagination and ignited creativity all over the world. Best known for their iconic box of crayons, the Crayola brand has championed creative thinking and nurtured the boundless possibilities of imagination for generations.

Crayola IDEAworks™: The Creativity Exhibition is a brand-new, state-of-the-art museum experience. Crayola IDEAworks, derives from the acronym: I – Identify, D – Define, E – Explore, and A – Assess, outlining the design thinking process.

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Walking into Crayola IDEAworks, visitors will immerse themselves in state-of-the-art digital interactives and hands-on exhibits that will provide a personalized adventure guided by RFID wristbands. During the exhibition, guests will encounter three distinct areas:

IDEA Workshop

The exhibition's opening space is where visitors will have their creativity put to the test with interactive challenges that hone their skills. The four sections in this area, I, D, E, and A, will feature questions and puzzles that will determine creative strengths.


Once visitors enter the magical Crayola Colorverse, they will travel to the bustling City of Crayopolis, a thriving Mars Station, and a curiosity-bending SeaBase to put their IDEA skills into action to solve complex problems based on current scientific research and discovery. Guests will be inspired to use their creativity to innovate, invent, and influence their way to unique solutions.

Grand Finale

Bidding farewell to the Colorverse, guests will receive a customized summary that reveals their creative strengths uncovered during their adventure.


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