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Creativity isn’t just a talent, it’s a skill that students can learn, practice, and use to bring their ideas and plans to life. In fact, Crayola has been innovating, inventing, and influencing creativity for over 100 years! In Crayola IDEAworks®: The Creativity Exhibition, students will develop Design Thinking skills and put them to the test. As a companion to your field trip experience, an Educator Guide has been developed to complement your classroom instruction and make the most of your field trip. It contains original, assessable, STEAM-related classroom lesson plans featuring dynamic activities and assignments for students in three levels: Grades K-2, Grades 3-5, and Grades 6-8. This flexible lesson plan will ensure your trip to Crayola IDEAworks: The Creativity Exhibition is a memorable, meaningful learning experience for your students!

For more information, or to schedule your school field trip, contact The Franklin Institute:

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Adult Tour Groups

Bring your group to experience Crayola IDEAworks: The Creativity Exhibition! This immersive and interactive experience will challenge your group with hands-on activities that empower imagination. Visit the CRAYOLA Colorverse—traveling to the bustling city of Crayopolis, a thriving Mars Station, and explore the curiosity-bending SeaBase! 

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