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A Family Fun Day at Camp North End

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

rying to plan a fun day out with the family? Camp North End is the perfect place to have a WHOLE day of family fun. Start your day off with a specialty coffee from Hex Coffee. Their boutique coffee shop is known for letting the roast shine. They craft fruitful, bright, and bold coffee that highlight the coffee bean's natural flavors.

Once mom and dad are caffeinated it is time to head over to Crayola IDEAworks, the ultimate creativity attraction! Here everyone will unleash their own creativity through the three interactive areas. Guests are each given a RFID wristband which tracks their progress throughout the different areas and awards them badges. The adventure starts at the IDEA Workshop, where everyone can complete a series of puzzles, questions, and challenges to unlock their unique style of creativity. This creativity will be enhanced through the ColorverseTM.

In the Colorverse guests can be anything from a meteorologist on Mars to a sustainable city planner. They could be an underwater engineer or an impactful fashion designer. The Colorverse transports guests to different worlds, where they are presented with challenges that must be solved in creative and innovative ways. You could start by working on an under-water SeaBase, helping environmentalists rebuild a coral reef. Next you may want to see what the weather is like on Mars, while your astronaut co-host asks you to answer his probing questions. After returning from your outer space expedition, visit Crayopolis, a growing city looking to pair sustainability with efficient forms of transportation.

Once you have solved all the challenges in the Colorverse, it is time to move onto the Grand Finale. Each problem you solved or challenge you completed in the Colorverse earns you a badge. In the Grand Finale guests scan their RFID wristband, for the final time, and find out which craymoji they are based on their earned badges.

popbar camp north end
Image courtesy of Camp North End website

After this thrilling afternoon of imagination and wonder, you will be famished. So, take the family to one of Camp North End’s many food stalls or food trucks. There is Bleu Barn, which elevates American cuisine like burgers, tacos, or grilled cheeses by using farm-fresh ingredients. If you are in the mood for Latin American cuisine, La Caseta has you covered. They are best known for their authentic style beans and mouth-watering pulled pork. Finally, pop by Popbar for a sweet treat on your way home. Here they specialize in handmade gelato which you can customize with chocolates, nuts, caramel corn, or (everybody’s favorite) SPRINKLES.

One thing is certain, when visiting Camp North End you and the family will never be bored. Be sure to check their website often to see what new events are coming every weekend and get your tickets to Crayola IDEAworks today!

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