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Upcoming Events for Kids and Families in Charlotte

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Looking for things to do in Charlotte? From museums to outdoor light exhibitions, there will be plenty of fun and exciting family-friendly attractions in Charlotte this year. Below, you’ll find highlights on the best events coming to Charlotte in 2022.

Crayola IDEAworksⓇ

things to do in Fort Lauderdale

Perhaps the most anticipated Spring 2022 attraction coming to Charlotte is Crayola IDEAworks, which just finished a successful run at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. This unique attraction is coming soon to Camp North End in Charlotte. The attraction consists of three parts: the IDEA Workshop, ColorverseTM, and Grand Finale. In the IDEA Workshop, kids (and parents, or whoever else would like to participate and get creative!) use their imagination and problem-solving skills to hone their creativity in fun and engaging ways.

things to do in Fort Lauderdale

Participants develop product pitches, come up with step-by-step plans to plant a garden, and use critical thinking to tell fact, fiction, and opinion apart. Every kid wears an RFID band that awards badges, tracks progress, and creates an immersive virtual experience. After finishing the IDEA Workshop, kids move through the Color Wheel portal into the Colorverse, where they are faced with a series of cool challenges: broadcasting from Mars, designing an eco-friendly city, restoring a coral reef, and more! After bidding farewell to the Colorverse, guests will enter the Grand Finale and discover which Craymoji most fits their personal creative style based on unique choices highlighted during their adventure. The overall experience is both educational and a lot of fun for kids of all ages! Crayola IDEAworks will no doubt be a can’t-miss attraction this spring. Tickets available here!

Discovery Place

Discovery Place in Charlotte is a hands-on museum that encourages children and adults alike to let their imaginations run wild. Right now, their IMAX theater is showcasing the Dinosaurs of Antarctica,which transports viewers back to a time when bizarre dinosaurs were ruling a now frozen continent. After this frosty adventure guests may like to warm up in Charlotte’s only indoor rainforest. Here you can become one with the birds as you venture across the canopy rope bridge or stick to the ground hop around with the ground-floor frogs.

A Natural View Exhibition at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

things to do in Fort Lauderdale

There’s no better way to enjoy the beautiful spring weather than strolling through the 110 acres of gorgeous gardens at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. There’s a variety of foliage from annual and perennial flowers to tropical plants from far away lands. Until April 30th they are also featuring work that highlights natural landscapes or wildlife in their exhibit titled “A Natural View”. This exhibit is the perfect activity to get the family outside to celebrate Earth Month.

NASCAR Hall of Fame

It’s off to the races we go for a day filled with speed, history, and family fun at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. This is more than just a museum, it is an all-inclusive racing experience that teaches guests about the history of racing, legendary drivers, famous racetracks, and how cars are built. By the end of the day visitors will be reved up to enter into their very own race in one of NASCAR’s eight racing simulators.

There is no shortage of fun activities for kids and families in Charlotte this year– you just have to go out and find them!

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